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Shack's 75g High Tech Journal

I finally finished the hood and installing the lights. Here is the 75g high tech tank that I've been working on since March.

My tank photo skills need some work. Ignore the reflections. Now that I have some lights, I now have a subject worth updating. (The picture looked much better on my phone)

There is java moss on the driftwood (upper and right). There is dwarf sag. in the back left behind the madagascar lace. There are some trimmings from fellow tpt members to the right of the lace and a little on the right. I have about 15 stems behind the driftwood (you can see a little in the middle left of the driftwood), mostly cambobia with a number of "parrot feather". I need to figure out the exact names of the plants from the lfs. I'm terrible remembering the proper names - I need my cheat sheets.

The tank is stocked with 10 harlequin rasboras, 6 panda corys, 4 red bristlenose (purchased from tpt) and 2 assassin snails.

Lights are 4 48" T5HO in a retrofit setup with nice 3" wide individual parabolic reflectors. Currently, I'm dosing PPS-Pro and CO2. I'm having some difficulties with pH which will probably result in some sodium bicarbonate being added with WCs.

I have not planted the front center areas. We were thinking HC, but have also considered blyxa. Suggestions?

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