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RE: 18" cube equipment questions

I really like your tank Kathyy! Clean lines, minimal visible equipment, etc.--itís the way I hope to go. Iím definitely stealing those spray bars. Do you mind sharing how you made them? And that careful aquascape planning is really paying off!

Your experience with CO2 diffusion, pump vibration, and green water has me reconsidering my plans. My original plan was as you put itóspray bar underneath driftwood so the flow would be coming out a ďcave.Ē I think I am going to keep that idea because Iím interested to see how fresh, CO2 rich water flowing in at the bottom will help foreground cover growth. The vertical spray bars have me thinking, though.

On the other hand, Iím switching filtration to a canister. Reading your post it occurred to me that hiding intake tubes is much easier than a 2.25Ē x 4Ē sponge (duh). It would also allow me to easily raise the spray bar if necessary, and I donít feel like battling green water. Thinking of going with a 2215 with an in-line CO2 reactor. I need a cabinet to hide the CO2 tank anyway, and Iím sure I can fit a canister and reactor in there too.

This would also allow me to aquascape better. Iím confident that I can hide a pump, but it occurred to me that the foot print would really limit my driftwood placement options.

Great advice. Thanks!
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