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RE: 18" cube equipment questions

Thanks for your advice fusiongt. Ha ha, not sure I know what I’m doing but always trying to learn.

Those Kassils look really nice. I like the gooseneck fixture a lot. Unfortunately, they are a little more than I am willing to pay for a light right now. If the Panorama Pro Module is not going to cut it, I might go with two T5HOs. Something like the Aqualife 2 x 18W fixture. Hoppy’s chart in the sticky fluorescent thread suggests that would be enough light, and those sliding legs look like they could adjust to a 18” rim.

I’d like to avoid the heat of those tubes since keeping the AC on during the day costs a pretty penny down here, though. Wondering if I should post in the lighting section to see if anyone’s actually given the panoramas a go in a 18” deep tank (with no disrespect to your input—you’re probably right).

Love those tanks that you linked to. I agree that a canister might not be too bad aesthetically. Good luck with your cube, and shoot me some tips.
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