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Originally Posted by Williak View Post
Incredible! If you wouldn't have put that dollar bill in the tank, I would have never guessed the tank was that size. It looks huge! Plants are looking healthy as well.

Something about the brown substrate, the darker rocks, and the black background has a reminiscence of a creek bottom. Well done, look forward to seeing more!
Thank you so much, Williak. There is something about the dimensions of these Petco bookshelf tanks that makes them appear much bigger than they really are. I think the fish will appreciate the length as well. I hope this one will turn out OK. I've had a few very minor issues, but overall it's going very well for my first planted tank. Fingers crossed it will stay that way.

Originally Posted by ThatGuyWithTheFish View Post
I would not put cardinals in there. Maybe neons, but cardinals would be too big.
I'm leaning more and more toward ember tetras. I think I need something tiny to maintain the scale. I wish the embers were a different color, but I think the size needs to overrule the color.

As a fly fisherman, I also love the Celestial Pearl Danio's. They look so similar to a brook trout. Do you think they would work? I understand their natural habitat is flooded grasslands, so they may like the DHG carpet.
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