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Originally Posted by TheNamelessPoet View Post
Also I was just thinking... I can get the HOB to start (since I already have it) and cycle the tank. Then get 2-3 otto's and a couple snails to keep it going and add the canister filter and get that seeded then eventualy remove the hob to try and convince my g/f on a 3rd tank :-P
This is what I have now for my co2 setup...
Milwaukee Regulator with bubble counter
5# CO2 Aluminum Tank
And I am leaning towards a Rex Riggs Reactor (easy to build and inexpensive to make)
Sounds like a good plan. The otto's are pretty sensative. You need to be darn sure your tank is cycled and there is plenty for the otto's to eat.

29 gallon, Fluval 306. Aquatop PF25-UV Power Filter, 1x39 watt T5HO 7" above tank. P.F. Sand, Pressurized CO2, 5 Glowlight Tetra's, 3 Halequin Rasborah's, 3 neons, 2 Oto's, 5 Cherry Shrimp, 4 Amano Shrimp.
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