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thanks again everybody.

i cant believe i forgot to mention my tank is an 11.4g mr. aqua, the lighting is quite high, t5ho, 2x 18w bulbs, 10k....however, per Hoppy's recommendation, I do have two layers of fiberglass window screen in between the bulbs and the the splash guard to tame the light. the light sits about 4" above the water line, and about 12" above the substrate. i think i'll add one more layer of screen to further tame the light, and just scrap using the co2.

i am keeping red rili's in this tank as well, what is a good method of lowering the pH? (besides switching to aquasoil, lol)

i do have an airpump with a sponge filter, i just dont like the splashing bubbles that occur (my tank is rimless and i dont have a lid/cover).

i should also mention, my rili's are breeding like crazy, and the baby survival rate is really high. although, i know they aren't as sensitive as the tigers.

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