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Originally Posted by temple2101 View Post
Hey all, I just built this reactor last week, and at first everything seemed great (still does for the most part, especially with CO2 diffusion). My issue is that I keep getting good size bubbles blown out of my spray bar, but I think they're just air and not CO2. I've shaken my Eheim 2213 to ensure no trapped air there and after the first day it was fine. Now, after a few days, I can't seem to shake the bubbles. Also, after a few hours on day one, the thing ran silent. Now I can hear the water running through it from 5-10 feet away. The filter I used is the GE one shown on here from Home Depot that has the valve to purge the air. Tried that numerous times and just doesn't seem to work.

Any thoughts?

I was getting that when I was using the ext 5000 filter , I was pushing my Eheim 2262 filter thru the 10" house filter , the force of the water was pushing the co2 thru the scrub pad and out into the tank. Maybe what you need is something to breakup your flow going in the house filter. Like my post 439, with pic's of my new co2 reactor mine is still running nice and silent and no bubbles in my tank and my reactor stays full with water 24/7.
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