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Originally Posted by Noahma View Post
Thanks, I love rainbows, unfortunately I cannot set up a large tank to keep some of the bigger species. But I figured I could do some medium and small rainbows to curb my appetite for a larger tank for now lol

The time frame for getting the tank up and running is a moving target. My office slowed down a gain so I am back down to 3-days per week for the time being, hopefully its temporary.

I hope to have the filter ordered, and substrate within the next month to month and a half. I will order my atomic diffuser when I order my next fertilizers in a few months.

Currently my wife and I have set aside a small amount for "fish money" and with sticking to our budget I only have that money to work with. So... things are going to trickle in lol
Seems like that is the best way to go. The tanks I've rushed into, have not gone anything near as quickly planned. My newest tank has been in the planning stages for a month or so now, and still has at least another month to go before even adding anything. Seems more rewarding that way
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