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37g Progress

Restarted my old 37g earlier this February after almost 10 years hiatus. Very new to planted aquariums but looks like I'm doing something right

Tank: 37 gallon

Substrate: Eco Complete mixed with some Flora Max and Gravel

Lighting: Aqueon Coralife Dual T5NO

Equipment: Fluval 306, SunSun HW-302 and a Hydor 200W Heater

Fertilizers: (Dry) KNO3, KH2PO4, Plantex CSM+B, Iron Chelate, Flourish Tabs and Flourish Excel via Tom Barr's dosing with no CO2 method

Plants: Amazon Sword, Red Tiger Lotus, Crypt Balansae, Bacopa, Ludwigia, Rotala, Hygrophila Angustofolia and Difformis, Anubias and Javafern tied to mopani wood

Fish: (3) Albino Corys, (3) Bronze Corys, (5) Male Platies, (1) Blue Dwarf Gourami, (3) Cherry Barbs, (1) Neon Tetra, (3) Ghost Shrimp, (1) Yellow Pomacae Bridgesii and a few MTS

February 2012 (Start):

It's been amazing to see how much growth I've gotten, especially the Amazon Sword. I have to thank this community for being an awesome source for planted aquariums.

This is where I am now. I have switched from only using Flourish Excel, Comprehensive and Flourish Tabs to Dry Ferts via Tom Barr's dosing with no CO2 method


I started out with only a single HOB (Fluval C4) and since then have upgraded to a Fluval 306 and just recently a SunSun HW-302 I purchased from another forum member here. It's keeping the tank clean and healthy

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