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I wasn't going to post because I am relatively new, but I feel compelled. I applaud the changes to Swap and Shop. When I go to swap and shop, I 'm looking for like minded members who are looking to thin out their current tanks for some sort of compensation. Sort of a classified section between members if you will. I'm sure this is why people are complaining that S&S gets more traffic than Power Sellers. I rarely go into the Power Sellers section, but that is just me.

I am hoping that I am getting close enough on my plant growth to be able to do a trimming and pay back the community with a RAOK.

I think it's great that people are able to further their businesses here if they are truly part of the community, and I commend Kyle and all of the mods for how they handle themselves and how they are running things.

Personally if this forum became an over commercialized area, I probably would not visit much. Keep up the good work guys.

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