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Originally Posted by Keyboard Aquatics View Post
I hope for this to be the last comment on behalf of Keyboard Aquatics. Although, I'm happy to check back in and respond as needed.

Iím going to avoid a number of the sniping and snarky comments addressed to us. Iím reading them from <Gasp> mods of this site. It is quite uncomfortable to me that mods of this site feel they can belittle our efforts, while we paid to support the site. Worse, posts are deleted. I have been a mod on other forums and know how tough the job can be. Never did I ever feel I was entitled to belittle a sponsor.

The one I will address was incredulous, and beyond inappropriate. Momotaro, the irony of telling us to address our concerns via pm, while dressing us down publicly was irony at its best. Likely the most unprofessional action I have seen in my years in the pet industry. We also noticed that the posts that agreed your comment was rash were deleted while your comment stayed up. Again, our posts have been deleted while your comment stays up. This doesnít suprise us but what does is the lack of professionalism. We feel that we have been very professional and we have been treated with disrespect.

This coming from someone who knows the sayingÖ..ĒThe best thing about the pet industry is that itís casual, the worst thing about the pet industry is that itís casual.Ē That post was beyond casual, unusually crude, and did not represent any level of decorum.

There is a disconnect at the store level from the forum level. That one comment is quite possibly the best of the worst representation of forum attitudes.

I truly appreciate the beneficial input of users and mods on our business practices. Having a collective of over 25 years as a retailer, wholesaler, distributors, manufacture,sales reps, and industry professional, we can always use the additional advice. No matter that it comes from a hobbyist or a forum volunteer. We take pride in attending both hobbyist and industry trade shows. Our ability to learn from forum members posts keeps us current with what hobbyist concerns are and how to best handle them. It also helps when we are choosing what products to stock.

Interacting as a seller on a forum is a learning process, one that we take seriously.

We have asked the following specific questions, which we havenít gotten an answer to. Perhaps now the point is mute.

1. What will it take for us to move into the role of a PowerSeller?

2. We feel the linking ability in our sig line is important to us. Can this be done as a Supporter?

Ed K A West
1- Powerseller will no longer exist, you can move to a gold member with 4 sales threads a month with 10 days each thread to edit OR apply for a Sponsors spot with your own forum.

2- Linking is ONLY allowed if you are a Sponsor and has always been this way. Want to link again consider a Sponsor title.

I've been on this forum for a long time and think this will be a great update as the SnS was getting to the point of no longer being enjoyable to look at.

Oh yeah and both of your questions were answered in the first post.

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