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First Time doing it the right way...

Ok so I am going to be setting up my tank next week once I get my new filter. Here are the specs.

29 Gallon (30 1/4 x 12 1/2 x 18 3/4)
Nova Extreme T5-HO Freshwater Light Fixture - 2 x 24 W - 30"
1 perfect piece of Driftwood
Tetra Whisper Power Filter 40
Fluval EDGE pre-filter sponge

This is what I have now for my co2 setup...
Milwaukee Regulator with bubble counter
5# CO2 Aluminum Tank
And I am leaning towards a Rex Riggs Reactor (easy to build and inexpensive to make)

My goals and idea's

Eventuay everything will be moved to a 55 gallon tank in 8-12 months but I want to start now of course.

Substrate I am having some trouble choosing and could DESPERATLY use the help. I am going to have a HEAVILY planted tank and be dosing some type of EI or PPS-Pro I just havent worked the exact kinks out yet. This is going to be a shrimp tank, Neo's maybe RCS or Pumpkin (leaning towards RCS.)

Here is my Plant "Wish list" HC will absolutly be my "carpet". Since I first came across it I have fallen in love with it and I have wanted to do a carpet for years. With shrimp I think its a great idea. Ok Here is the list

HC (Dwarf baby tears) (goggle image search for the image)
Anubias barteri
Wheeping Moss
And some type of Sword I am just not sure what. Probably Java or something of that nature.

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