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Cool Cheap 10g Setup w/ DIY CO2, CFL's, and Filter Diffuser

I have just started to set up a planted tank and i will be adding to it over time. I wanted to start it out right so i got all of the Equipment right before i start on the rest of the plants.

-I started with aragonite sand, rinsed and cleaned. About an inch, maybe an inch and a half.
-For filtration, i put a tetra 10i in another tank for two weeks prior to cycle the filter.
-I planted HC sprigs and Micro sword clippings about 1-1.5" apart with 1" of water in the tank so that i could manipulate the plants and the substrate.
-I filled half way with water from the tank i used to cycle the 10i filter, then filled the rest with de-chlorinated water.
-Made a DIY yeast reactor with bubble counter, and ran tubing into the filter intake so that it sat under the impeller.
-Got clamp lights at home depot for cheap and got 5600K CFL's from the grocery store.

So far its been three days set up and both the HC and the micro sword sprigs are photosynthesizing, evident from the oxygen bubbles rising out of the plants. I put a beta into the tank just for some organic additives into the water and i will soon have some shrimp for the tank as well. Pics will be posted soon. Any questions anyone has or any advice people are willing to give, i'm all ears.
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