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Originally Posted by Hilde View Post
A bulb with a different kelvin rating would probably help then. What is the kelvin rating? How old is the bulb? They get dim when they get old and algae problems start occurring.

If you upgrade get a Corlife light strip at Pet Blvd. The bulb goes all the way to the end of the strip. I chose Pet Blvd for bulb replacements for my coralife for they have good reviews.
Its brand new, came with the tank, I was really hoping it would be sufficient as that's why I bought an all in one, I wanted everything to work.

Thanks ill check out the link, unfortunately funds are extremely limited. If I knew the stock light would be crap, I wouldn't of bought the kit at all.

The Bulb is defiantly faulty, or just a crappy manufacturer. Picked up a new Zoo med Tropic Sun 5500k bulb off a buddy who never used it, and the tanks literally twice as bright! It's a bit yellowy, I'll deal with it for now. Eventually pick up a whole new fixture but either way, big improvement.

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