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Originally Posted by frrok View Post
Well finally! Looks really good so far and the stones look awesome. I like what you have so far and I probably wouldn't change much. Since your going with a tree theme I think it works. I'm curious, did you have your tank shipped to your door? Was it alot more for that? Also, a note on the 120p. I believe that one of the reasons why Amano rarely uses it is that because he likes to have all the big tanks at one height in the gallery so it looks clean. I was told that by and Ada rep also, the dimensions work better with the golden ratio..... That said, I noticed a lot of the IAPLC entries this year using 120ps. I actually like the long and low look. Works well with mountain scapes. And driftwood stone combos. Anyway, I'm happy you finally have something to work with. I'm curious to see how the light does. Which brings me to my next question. Do you like the rail attached to the light. I'm thinking of just attaching my tile with the hanging kit directly. You think that would be possible? And it looks SUPER bright in your photos.
I did have the tank shipped to my door by UPS. It cost me about $85 but it only took 3 days since I live in Washington state and it's not that far from Cali (which is nice). I would die to have a 120P but the glass on the 90P is 1/2 " thick, so I can't imagine what the 120P's glass must be like. It probably weighs a TON; but I do like the length and the low height makes for some really useful real estate. Here's the thing with the rail - I like it because it has room to expand and put a second tile on, whereas if you limit yourself to hanging just the fixture, you'll have to get the rail eventually to add a second tile. As for the brightness, it is hella bright, but it takes about 2-3 days after you first get it to really kick in. Initially I was very skeptical about its lighting intensity, compared to CPF, T5's T8's, etc. But your eyes have to adjust to how LEDs illuminate things and it has a short "burn in" period where the LEDs reach their optimum efficiency (which in my case was about 3 days of regular use). I actually have to raise it higher than I planned because it's so bright and I already returned the second tile because it's obvious that lowering it would be enough to increase the PAR at substrate level. Also please pardon the extra suspension wires, I'm having them trimmed today. I should also note that the light is about 4" above the tank in the final FTS.

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