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People of the Midlands, Free Plants!!

My aquariums have been neglected! My 50-80 hour a week former job pulled me away from from a lot of the regular up keep: water changes, dosing and such... A little bit of flourish and excel when I had a moment, a water top off as needed.... Well, as I am no longer pushing those kind of hours or any kind yet, I am cleaning up my tanks! There are some plants that I just don't thinking will be able to maintain as the plants demand. I hate just watching their slow demise, and refuse to just throw them away, so I'd like to offer them free to any one who would like to come pick them up! Heck I might even be willing to meet you somewhere if it's not way out of my way, my truck is also getting a brand new engine so I am somewhat limited to one car that my girlfriend normally drives.

So here is what I have that I know of so far...

Dwarf Hair Grass, what was once the carpet in my 55g set up. Started out as probably 25-30 good size bunches! Some of it still looks good, some of it is struggling pretty bad. There is a some algae on it, possibility of snails, duckweed, riccia, and possibly even dwarf sag.

Duckweed, also known as the fish tank herp, lots and lots! not sure where it came from but there is a bunch. Contains snails & riccia.

Riccia, probably the source of my duckweed, lots and lots, covers at least a third of my 55g at least a couple inches thick in most places. Contains snails and duckweed.

Randoms! This might just depend on what stays and what goes. Might, but not guaranteed, to include: java fern-multiple types, crypts, swords, moss, anubais, random stems! I've got three tanks I'm cleaning up all have different stuff in them

All plants will remain submerged until pick up if I get interest!
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