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The Petco's and Petsmart's near me have really been upping their game in the fish section.
Alot healthier and cleaner. Separate quarantine tanks on separate filter systems systems for new arrivals.
A big 55 gallon planted display.
Lots of much nicer tanks and stands. And huge in rush of plantedtank related equipment. Nothing spectacular but nice to see all the same.
Maybe you can look forward to it where you live?
Not sure how widespread this thing is lol. They vary so much from region to region.

Down here there arent alot of puppy mill dogs anymore. There are some.
They have all this paperwork and tons of sign proclaiming so. Even if that is the case I suspect most of the dogs are from backyard breeders. Not a single dog would fit nicely into breed standards.
Which in my opinion isnt much better.
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