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Talking 90P Arrives and Hardscape Layout (Done?)

Well here's what you've been waiting for, the 90P arrived today finally. It weighs around 90lbs empty, so in retrospect I'm glad I didn't buy the 120P. The glass is thick compared to the 60P that I had way back in 2006/7. The crate and box mess...I was so excited to get the tank out I almost had a hernia lifting it by myself. Believe me, if you ever want to have one delivered, you absolutely must have this to protect it. I was skeptical but when the UPS man delivered it, I realized it was a very necessary precaution.

First step, the Tourmaline BC, Iron Bottom and Multi-bottom Long amendments go in...

Then next the Fluorite this stage, I had to raise the LED light fixture fairly high to have some room to work. Physically, I guess I just didn't realize how the dimensions of the tank would look like until it arrived, though I planned for it obviously.

And of course the obligatory ADA brand sticker!!!

Next comes the manzanita tree...

Accompanied by some Seriyu stone... with a few close ups for detail.

I'm still not certain about this arrangement on the left side of the tank around the manzanita tree...

And finally the whole composition, with some additional Fluorite on the right to create a hill and some depth with a valley in the middle. I also slightly increased the depth overall. I'm not absolute certain how I want to handle the stones on the left side. I have more stone to work with but the real estate in the tank is fairly limited at this point since I really like the hill I've created on the right. As always, comments, suggestions and critiques are welcomed!

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