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In Memoriam.

Cube Garden 60-F Iwagumi

I received a phone call today. The kind of phone call you never wish for, but will inevitably receive. While at the office, there was a phone message from a client and friend of mine's sister - pondering this occurrence, I picked up the phone.

Immediately his sister mentioned having visited once and asked me if I had remembered a customer named Khoa Pham. I said "of course I remember Khoa, I hear he got into medical school, how's he doing?"

She corrected me with the specific field of study and mentioned how hard he had worked, and with some hesitation told me "well, I don't know if you've heard, but...Khoa past. He always spoke very highly of you, and I...just wanted you to know."

This was incredibly shocking news to receive. I remember Khoa very well. The real answer to her question is Khoa was my first real customer shortly after joining ADG and taking over ADA USA in August 2010.

Of course there were plenty of people before him who had bought things from me - but he was the first person I taught aquascaping to and the first person who fully engaged in the complete philosophy of Nature Aquarium. The first real customer I ever had. The kind of person who was passionate about his hobby and always eager to learn more. I sensed that he probably really enjoyed life as well. He was an upbeat and positive guy, enthusiastic all around.

The video I've linked is his. Somehow the scape and the music is extremely fitting.

In what little way I had an impact on his life, I'm grateful for it. I'm grateful that he was able to find incredible enjoyment from Nature Aquarium, and I'm grateful that he made this video that I can share with you today while in remembrance.

I've decided to dedicate my IAPLC 2012 layout entry to him. You can find it listed here, though I'm not able to reveal which one it is directly.

Thank's Khoa. Thanks for being so great.

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