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For this tank, I'm not starting from scratch. Somebody else in Colorado had designed and built this tank as a marine tank. He specifically wanted a 5' tank and since nobody makes one decided to have the glass slumped for the curve front. As I understand it, the setup fee was the majority of the cost so instead of buying one set of glass, he bought 4. He built the first tank and has been running it for over 6 years as a reef tank. The other 3 sets of glass are still packaged in the shipping crates. Due to life circumstances (and a massive tank crash due to an extended power failure), he is selling everything.

I'm planning on making the trip across the mountains in about 10 days to pick up the glass, plans, Autocad drawings, primer, and whatever other pieces/jigs/research he has to hand off. I'm effectively the inheritor of a great looking tank. I'll ask permission to repost one of his pictures.

I didn't realize it, but yes, I've not seen any bow front builds posted. Pictures will come, I promise.

I like to build, to make things. That is one of the big aspects of fish keeping that has really appealed to me - I get to make cabinets for the base, engineer the filtration, CO2, filling/draining, lighting, timers, electical, etc. Being able to say, "Look, I made this; all of this."

[75g high tech -- 20g shrimp jungle -- 130g bow-front build WIP ]

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