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Originally Posted by shrimpNewbie View Post
The wood threw it off for me I look forward to some growth I'll add that I liked the before also
The wood had been removed. All my tank are mainly for shrimp. The wood prevent me from doing a lot of things there. LOL

Originally Posted by DBlauj View Post
How do you like the tank without the top? I've been debating on removing the top on my edge as well given how annoying it is to scape and net fish. It seems this tank is only good as a shrimp tank. Kind of regreting dishing out so much money but I can't lie when it looks good, it looks good.

LOVE it without the top. It is very ignoring when you want to do something to the tank and you can do much with the hole that it provide. I took off the top with all the plants and shrimp in the tank. LOL it took a while but I think worth all the time I spend on it. I agree that getting a different tank will be a lot better, but since I spend the money already and it is not worth to sell it, I will just make it a tank I like.

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