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Cool Epic 130g bow front Starphire build - 8/8 Pictures

I set off on the trail seldom travel. It will be long, no doubt bumpy, and hopefully fruitful. Many have tried; many have battle wounds they wear as badges of honor, of sleepless nights cleaning up tank catastrophes. Those who make it show off the fruits of their labors proudly.

I'm going to build my own tank.

Thankfully, I'm not going to start completely from scratch. I have come by 3 sets of starphire glass pieces that will make, when assembled, a 130 gallon, 60" bow front tank. I don't have exact dimensions yet for the glass is not in my possession for another few weeks, but I'm excited.

Hopefully, this will be fun, humorous, and successful. Only time will tell.

8/8: Added pictures of the glass:

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