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lol, yeah it is a disaster when my wife packs. I kind of enjoy packing, I see it as a jigsaw puzzle, or a crazy horizontal game of tetris...
It gets pretty crazy when you get to the sofas and lazy-boys.

So I took some pics of the tank tonight. I used a camcorder because I still can't find my camera

Once the tank and plants stabilize, I plan on keeping the anubias trimmed. i am going to trim all the older bigger leaves and let all the small leaves dominate.

I plan on having the HM come in pretty thick in the foreground, not sure if I should keep the center valley unplanted...that will be something to deal with later. I also have a bunch of stems behind the rock piles that will add some height.

The more I think about it, the more I want to have it as a PFR shrimp tank.
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