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Originally Posted by xenxes View Post
Omg I didn't know there was a yellow variety! Ugh... I want both. Biting into corn syrup. YUM.

Word of advice, don't try growing lilies from seeds. I had no luck out of 5 batches

Have you thought about doing a lotus plant? Mmm smoky stir fry lotus roots with sugary soil and ginger.
There is indeed.
You can have..
Red with white insides
Red with red insides
Red with pink insides
Red with yellow (rare)
Pink with white
Pink with red
Pink with pink
Yellow with white
Yellow with yellow
White with white (rare)
White with pink (rare)
White with yellow (rare)

Teehee.. Thats why this is called a Lotus Bowl!!
I am going to put a lotus in it. A dwarf variety called babydoll.
Or some other dwarf variety. I like classic lotus flower shapes. So that narrows it down alot. And it has to be dwarf. Even further now..
So basically I just have to pick... Which colour?
I likes white though.

Unfortunately I missed lotus season.
You can only order fresh tubers in early spring.
So until next spring I'm going to put a dwarf lily in the pot. At which point the lotus will replace it and the lily will be moved to the small pond.

Have you tried walter pagels lily?
He lives down here and invented a small whitish pinkish dwarf water lily. Its really well known for doing really well and flowering quite a bit in part shade. And I know it can stand pretty high temps and humidity.

You need heat and sun. And I've noticed that cold stratification is really helpful on some of them. Especially the hardy lilies.
Why not pick up a red tiger lotus bulb from petco?
Thats a tropical water lily that should do well.. Surviving well in part sun in my yard.
I joined that site btw...
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