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Originally Posted by xenxes View Post
You lived in Thailand? That's news

Yea I was surprised when I saw a dragonfruit plant, always thought it was a tree. So the red innards the sweetest. Man I keep getting off topic, so when are you going to fill that bowl?
I spent the majority of my life shuffling from country to country.
I have a long list going lol...
Another trivia fact. I was born in Japan. And live there till I was 5.. What country did I end up at next? And how long did I stay?

I always thought it was a cactus. It looks like a cactus fruit. I didn't know it was climbing cactus... That.. still blows my mind... What?!?!?
Red innards are one of the sweetest and the most flavorful. Yellow dragon fruits are muuuuuuuuch sweeter, but alot less flavorful. I would almost say overly sweet.

They also are notoriously hard to grow. And produce very few tiny fruit.
They come mainly from Asia where they graft a yellow one on to a variety like Halley's Comet so its grows big, yellow, sweet, and flavorful.

I personally prefer the more mild taste of the red ones. The yellows ones are kind a like biting into corn syrup.

I plan on filling it after I seal the inside to prevent weeping. The weeping is only a problem because it will eventually break the pot. After its sealed and cured I'm gonna go buy the dirt mix and fill 'er up.
Let everything settle and get some marginals going.
Probably throw a few of the stem plants you sent me in and see what happens...
I'm also gonna order the lily a day or so after sealing the pot. That way it gets here by the time It cures.
I wanna get this thing going!!!!
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