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Originally Posted by xenxes View Post
Jasmine smells soooo good, it does better in full sun too, and flowers rather infrequently on my balcony. I recommend you also get a night blooming jasmine, it turns into a bush, and at night all you smell is jasmine for miles. I have a Grand Duke of Tuscany jasmine (one of the rarer Arabian varieties), it's a small plant in a little planter I've kept alive for 3 years now. I've been having trouble propagating it (did the saran wrap with dirt on live stem thing but forgetting to keep it humid). If I get extra stems I'll send you some. The flowers can get huuuge and it smells amazing.

Those pics of your yard are really good you don't need better pics, just start listing plants and improving and the handful of ppl that I got to use the boards will comment and make suggestions, lol

I had to Google dahlias, those are pretty. I like hibiscus, don't know if those will do well your zone. What USDA zone are you?

I'm surprised you have dragon fruit, haha most people still haven't heard of it. The dragon fruit I had were all just nearly sweetless kiwis. Didn't know it grew so fast.

I didn't know you were such an avid gardener. Want to hear more about the yard :/ Journal journal journal, pics pics pics. Okay I'll try to keep to pond-discussions from hereon, lol. Just one more garden-Q, do you keep any succulents?

Do you talk to the manager at Home Goods? I don't think employees can just discretionarily mark down stuff?
Its beautiful!!! I low your variety!! If you get cutting to root (rooting medium might help) please do send it to me. I really want to place it under my angel trumpet near my gardenia's.

Jasmine is one of my favorite scents and grand duke is apparently the flower they use to flavor my favorite oolong. Plus it just has some pretty flowers. We have a jasmine vine taking over the side of my house. You should smell my house and neighborhood when it sounds out thousands of clusters of jasmine flowers.

Thanks... I think I'm unhappy because it hasn't had a chance to fill in yet. It wouldnt. I only planted it a few months ago.
Dahlia's are a favorite of mine. My favorite one is my white one. Reaches about 4 feet tall and wide with tons of blooms the size of your head.
They don't smell though.

Yup! We have lots of hibiscus here. It's used as a roadside hedge alot. It's hot and humid enough most of the yer that most tropicals do pretty well. I personally don't own any. I'm much more inclined towards a cottage style garden for some reason. But my neighbor has rows of them and they grow up and peak over my wall. And my angel trumpet peaks over hers lol.

We have alot of asian influence in my area so Pitaya (dragon fruit) is constantly in the stores. Don't get me wrong. Even the sweetest dragon fruit has a hard time getting past mild flavor. But normal dragon fruit are pretty much tasteless.
I bought mine on a whim and researched it later. lol.. I'm just happy I ended up with one of the easiest most flavorful varieties.
The flowers are huge and fragrant as well.

I also forgot to mention. It's a vining climbing cactus. ?!?!?!?? That blew my mind. Weird looking plant. But I fell in love with dragon fruit after those few years spent living in Thailand. So I needed it!
And It wont flower or produce fruit until its beg enough to contain 10 total pounds of plant matter. Which is alot lol. I'm just gonna let it take over a whole will and hope for the best.

I live in zone 9a... Which is a little misleading. I've been in lots of other 9a zones and our weather is very different. I honestly think the zone system really needs to be reworked.
Normally the only thing that matches even slightly is the temp.

I'm a pretty avid gardener. Nothing too special. I've built up some pretty magnificent gardens at previous houses. It's always a challenge to work within a new zone.

Yes! I do... Not tons of them but we have a few. Hardy plants. and some of them are quite pretty.. Actually if you look behind the chairs you will see purple poppy like flowers on long stalks. Thats a succulent. Pretty much flowers.. all year? Not really... It gets flowers from around April - November. Still a long time. My window pot succulents are starting to bloom as well.

Quick! Say something pond related so we don't break the rules!

The pond sealer arrives soon!! I can't wait!! I really want to get this lily started soon. I want it to be in full swing and blooming by September.

Sometimes. I think.. I'm not too sure. They always ask someone higher up but I don't think its ever the manager. Actually... I'm not sure I've ever seen a manger for my homegoods.. 0.o
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