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Originally Posted by styxx View Post
75Lbs. is a LOT of stone for 90P, but yeah I am loving the flexibility of having what I do, otherwise I would be pissed. I shall do my very best to impress! I only wish that I could have bought a 120P. OMG! But that would have wrecked my entire budget for the rest of the year, lol.
To be honest, if they were the same price, I'd still take a 90P over a 120P. I really don't like it when the hight isn't half the length. Why do you think amano uses pretty much exclusively 90P's and 120H's? 180P's are a different story, and occasionally he uses 90H's, but other than that have you ever seen a 120P or 75P in his gallery? Not one. Nice choice with the 90P
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