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Originally Posted by styxx View Post
Thanks. I figured that if I wasn't going to use AS then I better get as close as possible to its nutrient levels. Fluorite is actually quite good, except I want AS type growth, so in went the soil amendments to improve my results. AS and Fluorite are the only substrates I'll ever use. Period, hands down. Of course I've never used them because I've always had Aqua Soil and that typically was sufficient so I guess we'll see how things go. As for the lighting, I'm sure that you would have used two LED panels but you are a light maniac (as everyone knows, lol). I'm trying to achieve two, somewhat competing objectives with this tank. First is growing the E. Hydropiper successfully and still keeping some of the shade loving plants (like the anubias varieties) happy. I'm hoping that the Trident Java will be enough shade to keep things manageable. Time will only tell. But on the upside:

Pics tomorrow!!
Once again, super idea... I know fluorite works quite well, and with those nutrients I wouldn't be surprised if you get growth as good or better than just AS and no additives. And you know what you're doing, I'm sure you could get those shade lovers to grow tremendously under 2 panels , between shading them with the trident and keeping things balanced, you'll be just fine I promise. You can always take one down. Personally though, if you choose to use two, I'd start at least the first week or two with one panel. I usually start the first week or two with my halide at 18" then move it to 10" slowly over the course of a week. This time I started at 10" cause the bulb was shot.

BTW, 45lbs of seiryu was a risky move my friend, I ordered 60" from AFA to make sure they were large enough and that I'd have extra for variety and flexibility for new scapes. I'm definitely happy with the choice, it was worth the money... if I could go back I would have made it 75lbs believe it or not.

Excited for the pics, 90P is my favorite tank along with 120H... don't let me down
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