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Originally Posted by CmLaracy View Post
Clever idea to increase the effectiveness of fluorite with ADA substrate nutrients, if I ever have to use anything besides Aquasoil I will definitely be doing this... probably wouldn't have thought to. Great idea, very curious to see how well it works. If I was doing this little trick I'd probably be overly generous with the ADA nutrients to compensate more effectively for the lack of AS nutrients, you can't really over do it with these ADA nutrients, especially the bacter.

Bacter 100 is the only ADA substrate nutrient I've ever used, and wow is it effective. It's also quite good for getting rid of BGA between the glass and substrate. I dose extremely lean with N so occasionally very small amounts pop up when I let my filter slow and N get below 3ppm. Lots of bacter 100 and a generous amount of green bacter completely cycled my tank in 4 days, by day 5 I had amanos and ottos and, wait for it, SSS CRS in and none of them even flinched, 100% survival rate. I used 2x as much AS as recommended as well!

BTW I'd start with 2 of those LED panels, but I'm a high light freak I love the growth and challenge of extremely high light, so YMMV. I've actually considered putting a 250w halide over my 75P but I don't feel like buying a chiller and a water top off system.
Thanks. I figured that if I wasn't going to use AS then I better get as close as possible to its nutrient levels. Fluorite is actually quite good, except I want AS type growth, so in went the soil amendments to improve my results. AS and Fluorite are the only substrates I'll ever use. Period, hands down. Of course I've never used them because I've always had Aqua Soil and that typically was sufficient so I guess we'll see how things go. As for the lighting, I'm sure that you would have used two LED panels but you are a light maniac (as everyone knows, lol). I'm trying to achieve two, somewhat competing objectives with this tank. First is growing the E. Hydropiper successfully and still keeping some of the shade loving plants (like the anubias varieties) happy. I'm hoping that the Trident Java will be enough shade to keep things manageable. Time will only tell. But on the upside:

Pics tomorrow!!
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