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Jasmine smells soooo good, it does better in full sun too, and flowers rather infrequently on my balcony. I recommend you also get a night blooming jasmine, it turns into a bush, and at night all you smell is jasmine for miles. I have a Grand Duke of Tuscany jasmine (one of the rarer Arabian varieties), it's a small plant in a little planter I've kept alive for 3 years now. I've been having trouble propagating it (did the saran wrap with dirt on live stem thing but forgetting to keep it humid). If I get extra stems I'll send you some. The flowers can get huuuge and it smells amazing.

Those pics of your yard are really good you don't need better pics, just start listing plants and improving and the handful of ppl that I got to use the boards will comment and make suggestions, lol

I had to Google dahlias, those are pretty. I like hibiscus, don't know if those will do well your zone. What USDA zone are you?

I'm surprised you have dragon fruit, haha most people still haven't heard of it. The dragon fruit I had were all just nearly sweetless kiwis. Didn't know it grew so fast.

I didn't know you were such an avid gardener. Want to hear more about the yard :/ Journal journal journal, pics pics pics. Okay I'll try to keep to pond-discussions from hereon, lol. Just one more garden-Q, do you keep any succulents?

Do you talk to the manager at Home Goods? I don't think employees can just discretionarily mark down stuff?
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