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Fluval Edge 5g Topless Journal x2

So I will start a journal on my topless Fluval Edge. I got advice from a lot of members here and just want to say thank you all for the help. Finally have a chance to re do my tank last night. I like how it look now.

Tank: Topless Fluval Edge 5g
Light: Finnex 26 watts
Substrate: Petco Sand
Shrimps: BTOE, Blue Rillis
Plants: Just moss

Update 8/2/2012

So I tried to find another Fluval Edge tank only. Finally got a member that can give me for free but it was crack during the shipping. I decided to get one from local shop for $45. So here it is the process to take off the top.

The yellow one is a blade from amazon. It is super duper good for removing silicon.

Little rusted but still good

You basically just stick it in and slide it. Simple right? LOL I am a master now after my first been taken off.

Ta da~~~ Off it goes

I also did a DIY UGF for this tank. I got this idea from Tom. I like the UGF with air pump. Is it better? IMO yes. I don't like to attach my filter to the UGF. I think the water column need some filtration too. LOL just me.

just some small PVC, elbow, and cap. You can choose whatever size you want. I pick the 1/2"

Drill some holes to the PVC, I did a left and right side and top. I drill as many holes as I want.

What else do you need? I came up with this idea. I want to make the bubble small. I want some air stone in there. I got some Lee's Discard a stone. Lets try it!

It fits!!!

Cut the air stone to make it fit to the tube

Align it with the clear tube(whatever you call it). Use a hammer and make it go in all the way.

Put it all together and here you go

I use some tank safe silicon to keep it down. Since I am so pro at removing silicon now, I am not worry to remove it in the future. LOL
Make sure your tank is dry when you put down the silicon. It didnt work that well first time I did it when the tank is wet.

Here is the complete view.

I got this UGF in my Fluval EBI and it is running so nicely! I LOVE IT

Need to wait for a day before I lay a layer of matrix!

Please forgive me for my grammar mistakes!

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