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Well... The water forget me not withered to a dry back husk and fell off.
So sad... Maybe it's a winter marginal?
But wait! Hope! Little tiny leaves appearing from the base of the pot! Hope!
What else... Went though and cleaned it all up.. Checked on all my fish. My bristlenose is twice the size! And his bristles are starting to come in lol..
Everyone else was in great shape. One of the mystery snails died.

Shoved some more fertilizer tabs in the pot. Hopefully now that its hot and feeding is in full swing I'll get to see what colour this thing is. I want it to flower before I trash it! Or move. Most likely move it.
What else is there...
I got...Some.. Hmm...
Oh... we played around with the pond setup.
Didn't like where we were going and scrapped the idea for something smaller and better suited. This new one will be around 200 gallons (very small I know), and house 7 goldfish, a school of whiteclouds and whatever other fish are in the tub pond. That is because. It will be replacing the tub pond!
Soon-ish this will be a more permanent feature in my yard.
A picture. Guess what I found while cleaning the pond?
No platties or mollies since I made sure they were all male. They must've been in there for a while. There are only 5 of the little guys. Which is good. I don't like dealing with fish babies lol..
They are whitecloud minnows! Pretty cool.
And the tadpoles are almost little frogs! Just a tiny bit of tail left...

Not too sure if you can see the babies. I put them in an old milk jug we had lying around for this lol. Not the best picture.
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