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Originally Posted by xenxes View Post
The ziplock bag double bagging experiment failed, so I just found 2 other bags and used rubberband + double bag like Rachael does, foolproof. I thought I was being clever by using something readily available.

That's a nice house but pretty bland, I'd at least do some climbing ficus vines--helps insulate the home and looks cool (I punned!).

Start teh garden journal, we can trade plants and seeds! Tho it's prob cost prohibitive to ship a plant, just seeds then. OMG I found this rainbow colored pepper plant, I just ordered seeds.

In warmer climates it grows to a bush, I can landscape with it AND eat it. I can't wait.

I'm going to try the point-out-defect @ Home Goods in the near future, but I suck at bargaining. :/

"What? $20? Really? I'll give you $35! What? It's Really $20? $45!"

Oh I'm also going to plant this when I get a yard, maybe I'll start one now in a pot:

Figures she would have it down pat.
Really bland. In most of the neighborhoods around here climbing vines up your house are against the neighborhood associations rules.
At least some flowering bushes though.

My house doesn't look nearly as nice btw..

Took a look at your journal and might be planting a jasmine vine lol. Recently ripped our shade vine out as it wasn't doing well since its a sun vine lol. It's in the sun now. And pouting aha.

I shall. I need to take semi decent pictures of my yard first!!
I will have alot of tubers of stuff this spring if you want them.
Mainly dahlia's. Not sure how well they will do with your heat and humidity, but here they do well enough. Were usually 75 - 95 in summer at around 70% - 90% humidity.
I mention them cause they have big flowers and a growing really well in pretty heavy shade for me.
So they might do well for you.
I have alot of small varieties and a few giant ones. Also some medium sized ones.
Plus lots of other goodies.
Oh and maybe some carnivorous plants!! I have a VFT that will need dividing. And I recently started a TON of seeds for various kinds of pitcher plants.
I had that pepper!! It's wonderful!

Want some dragon fruit?
I have one. I can send you a rooted cutting at the end of summer or early spring. Or whenever really. As long as its after summer.
I bought it a month ago. 6" tall...
One of the easier better tasting varieties. Halley's Comet. Big 1 - 2 pound red fleshed fruit with red pulp inside. Sweet taste yadda yadda.
The cool thing is its a heck of alot easier to pollinate than other varieties. If you don't have the right bats or bugs they won't produce fruit as they flower at night. Yadda Yadda. Normally you need to brush the pollen of a flower on one plant and transfer it to a completely different plants flower and vice versa. With this variety you can pollinate it with seperate flowers on the SAME vine!
I thought that was cool.
What can I tell you. Likes water and humus in its soil. But needs good drainage. Very fast grower and you and I will both be cutting it back alot to keep it in check lol.
It's grown 2 feet in the month I've had it.
Doesnt seem to care to much about sunlight. Its growing up a wall that receives mainly shade but some dappled light all day with no problems.
I hear you can also start them form seeds but it normally doesnt taste as good. Something about how all the big farms graft certain species onto the bases of other species to create big tasty fruit or something.
Unfortunately almost all my veggies are dead. That spray of my neighbors killed all my peppers and all but two of my tomatoes. Bonsai took a hit and are in the garage getting some TLC.
Now I'm talking about my yard lol..

LOL!!! Spend a day in a foreign market. You'll talk those homegoods employees in circles in no time!
Theres an open air asian market near me. And Mexico. I'm a pro lol..

No really its not that hard.
"This is $20.. But it has a bubble... I'm just not sure if I wanna spend $20 on something that might just break on me."
"This pot is really lovely, but theres a chip on the rim. I don't want to pay full price for somethings that broken though. Even if it is just a chip. Is there any way...?"
Thats all it takes at my homegoods anyhow.
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