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Originally Posted by ravensgate View Post
I'm telling you this is hurting sales because I have now changed my mind on purchasing this product. And another poster eluded to the same thing due to seeing this thread. A product growing mold in a couple of weeks is negative TO ME.

And again, I emailed them so you all could get a real answer instead of himming and hawing on what is supposed 'correct' or not with the product. Several people have the same problem but nobody knows if it's supposed to be like that or not. Hopefully they'll email me back so everyone can know what's going on. I'm just trying to help out and since I don't trust everything I read on the internet I also want to know how this product is truly supposed to 'behave' before I plop money down on it. The only way to get the REAL answer on that is ask the company.
Chillax bud take a benzo and count backwards from 20. Welcome to the internets, you know where people like to discuss their real life experiences with products which btw you have none in this case. But hey that's ok because this is the internets and everyone is welcome.
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