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Originally Posted by ravensgate View Post
Exactly, but wouldn't it make more sense to email the company and ask if the product is supposed to be like that? I would assume if the product was supposed to go moldy upon opening that would be on the bottle to prevent discussions like this from happening. I know right now this discussion is hurting their business because I'm about to place a big order for some food and supplements and I'm not going to order this product (which was on my list) because I don't want mold in my house. In a container or otherwise.
No I would rather discuss it with people in real time who have used the product before or sellers that sell it to see what their experiences are. Just like with mosura mineral plus. It comes with the bottle 1/4 full, says nothing on the bottle about it. Other hobbiests can tell you right away that it comes concentrated and you need to add water. I don't see how this discussion is hurting Borneo Wild no one said anything negative about them.

Originally Posted by randyl View Post
I bought a bottle last week and I just checked, it has a small bag of that thingy that absorbs moisture. Also mine is slightly damped and yellowish, it has a distinct smell and shrimps seem to like it.
Yeah I poked around in my bottle and found the dessicant pack under the spoon.
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