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Siggav - My Rio 180 (56k)

Right so I decided I wanted to have a thread tank journal thing for my tank. Right now this is the only tank I'm running. I upgraded from a 29g tank to this one just over 2 years ago.

The tank is a juwel rio 180, 40" by 16" and 20" tall. 48 gallons of water or so in it. Still just use the filter that came with it, I've always been understocked so that's not really been an issue. I'm starting to come closer to full stocking so we'll see a bit how that goes

No Co2, barely dose fertilisers either, root tabs, substrate is fine gravel and sand with laterite.

I've always kept plants in that low tech low stakes sort of way but recently wanted to try to aquascape it more and make it prettier. This is what it looked like before I started messing with it:

Then I got a nice piece of redmoor root several months back and finally actually went and put it into the tank and moved plants around just a few days ago. I've also added 12 penguin tetras and 3 otos fairly recently

Current state of tank:

Vallisneria, don't know what type, it gets very long and sends out runners like crazy
Crypt of some sort, wendtii?
Java fern
anubias nana in the corner

1 pearl gourami
5 neon tetras
2 cherry barbs
12 penguin tetras
2 sterbai cories
3 otos

Lights are just the default 2 x 45w T5 that came with the tank, don't have a reflector in atm and still no Co2 or any real fert dosing. Basically all very low tech. I still need to throw out a bunch of vallisneria regularly though.

Im still getting used to the penguin tetras, they took to the tank very well but they fight a lot with each other. Lots of movement from them though and activity and they don't really seem worse for wear with all the scrapping.

Btw took the first photo with my phone, don't really know why the colour balance got so green, should be the same colour on the background in all the shots.

Any advice on aquascape or plants? I want to stay low tech but I could start fertilising etc if I have to. I think the extra bioload from the tetras will probably be a bit extra for the plants so was planning on just waiting and see how things go in the next couple of months before making any changes. I'm fine with slow growth as long as the tank looks pretty.
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