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Originally Posted by lipadj46 View Post
You seem to be a man of action, the sort of man (or woman) who knows best so i nominate you to be our liaison to borneo wild. In the mean time we will be here wallowing in our misery awaiting your report lol!

Haha, nice try. I don't use the product so have nothing to complain about. I have a sample of it here and it's not white that's all I can tell you. But when I buy a product and something goes wrong with it I go straight to the source. They are going to need manufacturer/batch #s if available and know when you bought it and where you bought it from more than likely. That way they can pinpoint the batch and figure out where the problems are. That's something that everyone having a problem is going to need to do, not just one person. And yeah, companies won't know there is a problem if nobody speaks up. That goes with ANYTHING, not just shrimp products.

Heck email them and point them to the thread and say there is a discussion about a product problem.
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