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Originally Posted by xenxes View Post
Home Goods give you discounts if you ask? Wha? Lovely backyard area

Oh I shipped your package today, it leaked 3 times and I had to rebag it, ack. And I couldn't fit nearly as much plants and other things as I wanted in the smaller box Should have waited till I got more packing mats.

Suggestion for you: raise that bowl a little bit with cinderblocks underneath. You will need heavy floaters and lilies, looks like its getting a lot of direct sun! Also, you can get a cheap solar powered fountain pump for $10-15 on evilbay

Your backyard is so pretty! You should start a journal for it here
Yup! They give discounts alot.
Just find a stupid flaw and point it out.
You can get $20 nano bowls for $10 if they have a small bubble.
And my family knows cause were cheap cheap cheap!!
We tried raising the bowl. It end up looking really weird no matter how much or how little we raised it.
Heavy floaters indeed!!! It's already been stuffed with as much water lettuce as possible. Eventually I would like the switch everything in it to a mini form though. Actually as soon a the pond sealant is here we have to drain it. Let it dry. Seal it. Let it dry.. lol.
Order the lily. Once the lily is in I think that it will grow quickly though.

I can? That might greatly increase my options for livestock. Hmmm... This gets sun pretty much morning till night. I wanted my potential lotus to get as much sun as possible.

Later when I get the lotus, this lily will probably be divided and sold (or if anyone here wants some) and transferred to the newly constructed pond.

Thank you! I spent alot of money and time last year building up the soil. Its just hard clay here. This year went in the flowers. Some are alot more successful than others. Whatever didnt work by winter is getting ripped out and replaced in spring with something else. Till eventually I find a great combo that works.
I sorta went nuts and stuck Shasta Daisies EVERYWHERE! Teehee...

It's a shame. No one near me really has any flowers except for a few old asian ladies who's skill I have no hope of matching. And the only time I get to see gardens that haven't been "landscaped"... which down here means I'm going to shove as many non-blooming ever-green grasses and shrubs in my yard that never need to be watered, don't look that great, and only need to be pruned once a year. So boring. Like that... Actual house near me. I'n the end the landscaping wouldnt be bad if someone had replaced a few of those shrubs with flowering shrubs.
Ok Rant over...
And the only time I get to see gardens that aren't "landscaped" is when I'm at Disneyland be if for pleasure or for work. And I hardly think Disneyland is a fair comparison. I wanna meet their gardener.

I discovered this year that the tall biennials that I love so much in cooler climates don't do well here. Well they look nice and grow well. But instead of reaching the 4 - 6 feet the normally do they reach 2 - 3 feet. I dunno.. Maybe I'll have to join that plantedspace and rant about it lol..

I always grew up in areas with lots of plants and flowers. Everyone always had a huge garden. Or a tiny garden packed to the brim. It's so freaky to me that people is SoCal really hate yard work and yard that require work. And trees! Constantly chopping down tree's cause they don't wanna rake. Even though they all have gardeners anyway. I shouldn't say all.
Ok.. now I'm done.

I believe I see yours lol.. Right on top.
At least the description sounds right.
I never really commented on your balcony but it truly is lovely. pretty darn big too. You should stick orchids over EVERYTHING!
If I really like a journal I just watch from a distance like a creeper lol..
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