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Progress on the Cube Garden 60-P:

This tank has been pretty pleasant to deal with so far - no real issues, stems are going thickly (the trick here is to constantly retrim once they hit the surface, each time trimming a little higher and higher to form a thick bush).

Although Rotala Colorata has become dominant - and while there are things I would change about this layout now, at this time I'm just waiting to get a final shot then begin a new project.

Stems are an excellent plant and among my favorite now - because they are truly a plant to cultivate, train and prune. You shape them into the type of layout you want and over time get to see the changes.

It'll be time for a trim again very soon.


Brighty K x10 squirts
Green Brighty Special Lights x10 (alternate with Step 2 x10 every other day)
ECA x10 drops
Phyton Git x5 drops
Green Gain x10 daily after trimming, x5 after water change.

P.S. Follow my blog on tumblr - for extra bonuses to this content. Each major update here in the Journal will have a corresponding entry there with added content!

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