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Island Paludarium 360 - System Rain Creation

Creating the Climate System - The Rain

Willing to make a most natural plants irrigation, I thought long to a true system of rain "natural" (without the effect of cow pee).
It took me a long time, reflection, and imagination to succeed in developing this system and develop this idea.

(To better appreciate the video, do not forget to activate the HD 720p)

It's a little rain falling from the entire ceiling surface, the flow of the drops is ideal
delicately watering the plants and decor, without any washing.

The soundscape so characteristic of the rain is there.
The magic starts at the instant it begins to fall...

Rain water that is used is totally devoid of limestone, splashing on the glass are not dirty, and even clean them.

The mist of foggers is heavier than air, it is usually located at the bottom.
But when the rain is activated, the humidity increases instantly.
Which at effect allow the mist to rise and extend to the entire volume of air from the tank.
Creating a warm, soft, airy and saturated with moisture.

The rain runs randomly "alternate" with other systems that generate climate.

Thus, rain, wind, fog, and waves can therefore sometimes be found in use simultaneously and add up as in nature.

The technical part of the system and its operation remain secret, I will not expose anything more about the rain. There are more than a dozen ways (more or less effective) to realize.
I just imagined a rain that is adapted to the constraints and possibilities of this project.

Next step : Install the sandy beach, followed by gallery lighting LEDs.

Following soon.

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