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Originally Posted by tharsis View Post
Ah diablo 3 claims another victim.

My guess is partially the heat and partially the extra eight hours in the bags with no water change/oxygenation is what did them in. It was a real bummer but I am excited for the next tank. I don't think I will be moving fish again any time soon. The next time I move I will just sell everything.

The wood was left in the garage, hope the landlord didn't mind haha. It was a final hour decision to leave it behind. There was literally not an inch of space left in either the truck or the was crazy.

I did get the rocks and I piled them all into the tank and it is mostly planted. I ran out of steam halfway through so I didn't finish it off. I have two islands with tons of anubias and HM as the foreground. I can't find my camera though so no pics yet...
Yeah... the addiction. And hm.. I feel like they woulda had a better time if you put the fish into 1gallon jugs. My drive wasn't 8 hours, but the 5 hours in traffic from NJ to CT went perfectly fine. I put like 2 fish per gallon jug with a little plant. THE POOR WOOD LEFT BEHIND!!! . Must've had some really nice ones as well. Got any pictures of the moving process? I'd like to see how full your cars were :P!

Take your time with the pictures man. Get settled down in your new house first!

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