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9g Rimless CRS/CBS UPDATED 8/17/12 Berried CBS eggs hatched

This shrimp tank has been up for 6 months already but won't be up for too long. I'm planing to move some shrimp to my 60-f and the rest to my 20g long.

9g rimless (probably some china brand)
fugeray 12" led light
Aqueon QuietFlow 10 (I know it is weak)
JW 500 air pump with air stone (only turn it on half day)
Theo 50watt heater
Aquasoil Amazonia type 2 mixed with some fluval flora but mostly Aquasoil
Paintball with Aquatek dual regulator with solenoid
Generic ADA style Drop Checker and Diffuser

The Co2 will go in the 60-f when I flood it

Plants - Since it was my first planted tank I just threw in any plants I got.

Glosso (just a few stems)



That was when I first set it up back in December 2011, I think.

This is how it looks like today.

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