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Originally Posted by theblondskeleton View Post
Nice! That poor guy is probably going to get bombarded by pm's after this, haha...

Seriously - you're making me think you enjoy this stuff as much as I do, haha!
Haha, yeah, sometimes I feel bad myself for asking so much of him. I think he enjoys it as well though, and sees building electronics as fun. He also helped out greatly with Mistergreen's Close enough par meter.

DIY PAR meter, Yeah you heard me
Par Meter Options
Convert Lux Meter to Par Meter

I do love this stuff too. Can't get enough if it myself. I'm really glad you started this thread, because it really is a lot of info and it's about time someone to put it together. The incredible thing is, when many of these threads were made, the authors used every scrap of info they could find, and now there's threads with multiple sources of info, that have multiple sources of info.

I think I might make or try to dig up a DIY fixture enclosure thread for ideas of fixtures to make yourself. I got very lucky with mine, and I was having trouble thinking what I should DIY before I found my aluminum housing.
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