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I literally put together an outdoor emersed setup with stuff around the house. Using a clear plastic bin, some old plastic plant pots (or 2L soda bottle cut down with drainage holes), plastic wrap, some organic potting mix and of course some water.

Then I planted some cuttings and left it for a couple weeks. I thought everything was dead but apparently plants go through a dieing off phase when they move, they just need to stay moist. I did play with the amount of light being received by the bin though. It was getting way too much at first, I lowered it so the direct sun only hits it for maybe 60% of daylight hours. I'd say about 80% of the cuttings survived and prospered.

I planted:
Rotala Macrandra (pretty sure but maybe someone can correct me from the photo.)
Dwarf sag
Water sprite
Misc. Moss

The moss didn't survive the transition, but I think it was killed off in the initial heat and would likely survive now. Everything else I planted 1 cutting, 2 for the rotala.

And its been around 100 degrees here, so hopefully all stays well.

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