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I'm not dosing anything. I want to keep this pretty simple, no pumps no filter, no fertilizer (hooking up anything electrical would be a pain). I stuck in some capsules I filled with plant fertilizer under the gravel. And then..goldfish poop. I want to keep this as simple as possible though, it'll be a summer thing so Im breaking it down once cold sets in, I just wanted it as a place to stick extra plants and trimmings. Of course, nothings survived really once I toss em in. I have an emersed little plastic setup inside, I recall sticking it outside for a bit more light and half of them shriveled up- I keep it covered with plastic wrap, I guess that trapped all the heat in. : ( Whats the best way to even try emersed plants outside without dryingout?

Haven't thought about sunlight going through the sides, doh...but I covered up 3 sides today with black plastic (not sure if that will contribute to heat), 1 side is facing the house. Ill be adding it more floaters to really cover the top.

What plants do you think would be okay in it now? I've got pretty basic non-high light plants like rotala, ludwigia, bacopa. Im just afraid of them dying still. It will be close to 100 degrees tomorrow. Am I better off just covering the top too somehow?

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