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Got tired of working with the rocks and had a nice talk with Frank about them (this doesn't mean that everyone else's input was null and void; every input was valuable to me and I tried them all) and ended up deciding on a single stone scape. The main rock is large enough to support itself and for an aquarium this size, it works well as a single scaping feature. It was also quite convenient as I had forgotten to put Clear Super in on top of the Bacter 100 . I want this to be as much about the plants as I do the rock. Glosso and DHG Belem foreground, Riccia and H. tenellum placed randomly around the aquarium (DHG will also be placed randomly to accent the Riccia and blend the scape together) and E. acicularis with H. tenellum will create a lovely natural background (plus the roots will hold the slope well). The plant order has been placed and should be here sometime mid/late next week, maybe sooner depending on how their shipping is working this week since I'm not 100% on how it'll be. I wish you guys could see the purplish hues this rock's really something else and my iPhone (even after several attempts of focusing different object to correct the color balance) can't do them justice.

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