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How to keep my 20H going outside?

I like the idea of keeping a 'tub of water plants' like many of you have but Im definitely having trouble keeping them alive.

Back in april
I started with just the 20, barebottom, and floated floaters, pennywort, cabomba, anacharis, hornwort. There are 2 goldfish in there. Not my idea, but the surviving feeders that the family got my for inside tank and...I dont want goldfish in there! I have not been able to find a home for them yet so they just live in there. No filter, no anything and I changed most of the water frequently.
The turns completely green which I expected but it only takes about 3-4 days... how many plants does it need to not go murky green so fast? Annnd..all my floaters die. Salvinia turns red, which Im not sure if its a sign of dying or high light.

Last month.
Redid the whole thing- added in gravel- fluorite mixed with other stuff. Threw in excess vals I had. A sword. All my floaters are gone except for the surviving DWL (they look quite different outside too) and the vals now seem quite dead too. As well as the sword. Cabomba is not doing well because the goldfish pick at it I think. Pennywort melted.

The tank sits facing east, gets about low 90s here, mid to high 70s at night right now. I try to cover it when it gets crazy sunny/hot. But any suggestions to not get all the plants to just......die? Afraid of transplanting more plants in there because none of them have grew well. The dwl is the only thing that is perking up now. Is it too hot?
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