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Originally Posted by speedie408 View Post
Sad to see you go dude. Wish you well on your endeavors and hope to see you back soon. I'll be losing a valued customer for sure.

Good luck and see you again soon!

I imagine I'll still frequent the forum. I still have my Ebi tank with the dwarf puffers, which the GF REALLY doesn't wanna get rid of. She's grown attached to the DPs. There are 2 amano shrimps in there, too, so it's still relevant to this forum But they are less problematic with heat than the shrimps for sale. Plus whenever I tried to net the amanos out, lifted them out of water, they'll still crawl up the net trying to get back to their tank, like "please don't sell me, let me live here!" I love all my shrimps equally (but the K14 is my fav one ) but I couldn't finalize a sale last time seeing them do that.

Any leftover neos that don't sell probably will go in the Ebi tank

Meanwhile I'll vicariously raise shrimps through your thread lol.
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