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Originally Posted by cprash View Post
How bad was your heat issue? Though I am interested in the Fire Reds, I am having similar issues with the heat. Mine spikes to about 84 degrees with fan and ice packs.

(I had peewees keeling over but the others are more of less fine. If yours are dying off in the low 80s then I'll have to pass) It it was worse than that, I think I can manage and would like to reserve them.
Fire reds are not what I had to worry about. The CRS and OEBTs were. My fire red survived (even thrived) from last summer when I didn't have any AC or fans for tanks. It got to 100 degree outside, and I'm sure my tank water was close to 90 if not more (my thermometer only goes until 86, and it was maxed out so I didn't know the actual temperature). Had to drop some frozen water bottles in the tank to lower to like 84-86. Needless to say that batch of CRS and OEBTs didn't last long last summer.
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