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Originally Posted by BS87 View Post
In the optics section, it says "Will optics increase my PAR?" And the answer you have is "reflectors will not"etc etc, which is correct, but the question needs to read reflectors and not optics. Tighter beam angle optics will increase PAR in a given area.
Gotcha - will edit ASAP. Thanks, that is exactly the kind of correction that needs to happen!

Originally Posted by jcgd View Post for a Canadian supplier.

Excellent write up. Can you add a post for build links?
Great idea! I'll add it to the Other Helpful Links post in its own section. There are a lot of great builds here on TPT that are very helpful - including yours!

Thanks for the vendor link - I'll add it in!
EDIT - Done! Send me your Build Links, and I'll tack them into the list!

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